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Since 2001, I’ve read a bit of Canadian literature.  Now I will fill in the blanks with your suggestions.  Use this page as a guide to my readings and blurbs.  First, a list of what I’d read before I started this website and this reading challenge.


Atwood, Margaret.  The Handmaid’s Tale

Dickner, Nicolas.  Nickolski

Francis, Brian.  Fruit

Friis-Baastad, Erling.  Wood Spoken: poems

Highway, Tomson.  Kiss of the Fur Queen

Munro, Alice.  Open Secrets and other stories

Ondaatje, Michael.  The English Patient

Purdy, Al.  Selected poems

Pyper, Andrew.  Lost Girls

Richler, Mordechai.  Solomon Gursky Was Here

Robertson, Patricia.  The Goldfish Dancer: stories

Sawyer, Robert.  Calculating God

Service, Robert W.  Selected Poems


Suggestions so far from you:

Timothy Findlay–Not Wanted on the Voyage

Timothy Findlay–Pilgrim

William Gibson–Idoru

Robertson Davies–What’s Bred in the Bone

Margaret Atwood–Alias Grace

Jessica Grant–Come, Thou Tortoise

Wayne Johnston–The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

Michael Crummey–The Wreckage

Richard Wright–Clara Callan

Steven Galloway–Ascension

Brian Fawcett–Virtual Clearcut

Ivan Coyote– Loose End and Bow Grip

Robert Kroetsch–The Man from the Creeks

Karsten Heuer–Being Caribou

Michael Ondaatje–In the Skin of a Lion

Ann Marie Macdonald–The Way The Crow Flies

Beatrice Culleton–In Search of April Raintree

Jane Rule–Memory Board

Tomson Highway–The Rez Sisters

Wayne Johnston–The Divine Ryans

WP Kinsella–Box Socials

Max Braithwaite–Why Shoot the Teacher

Farley Mowat–Never Cry Wolf

Michael Tremblay–Les Belles Soeurs

George Ryga–The Ecstasy of Rita Joe

Leonard Cohen–Spicebox of the Earth

Leonard Cohen–Beautiful Losers

Eden Robinson–Traplines

Douglas Glover–Elle

Barbara Gowdy–The White Bones

John Wyndham–The Chrysalids

Stephen Leacock– Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town

Gabrielle Roy–Street of Riches

Mordecai Richler–Barney’s Version

Ann Marie MacDonald–Fall on Your Knees

Margaret Atwood–The Handmaid’s Tale

Alice Munro — short stories

W.O. Mitchell—Who Has Seen the Wind

Marian Engel–Bear

Audrey Schulman–The Cage

Hugh MacLennan–The Watch that Ends the Night

Morley Callaghan–Such is My Beloved

Hugh MacLennan–Barometer Rising

Hugh MacLennan–Two Solitudes

Paul St. Pierre –Breaking Smith’s Quarter Horse

Wolf Willow — Wallace Stegner

As For Me and My House–Sinclair Ross

[The Tin Flute]–Gabrielle Roy

Rockbound–Frank Parker Day

Deptford Trilogy–Robertson Davies

Barney’s Version–Mordecai Richler

The Invention of the World–Jack Hodgins

Last Crossing–Guy Vanderhaeghe

Englishman’s Boy–Guy Vanderhaeghe

Neil Young Nation  –Kevin Chong

Funny Boy –Shyam Selvadouri, .

A Boy of Good Breeding–  Miriam Toews

Maps and Legends – Hugh Brody

Alpine Quest – Farley Mowat

The Bishop’s Man – Linden McIntyre

The Golden Spruce – Jean Vaillant

The Stone Angels and/or The Diviners – Margaret Laurence

The Village of Small Houses – Ian Ferguson

The Barren Lands – Kevin Kragick

The Trade – Fred Stenson

The Birth House – Ami McKay

Who Has Seen The Wind – W.O. Mitchell

Lightning – Fred Stenson

The Hockey Sweater – Roch Carrier

Kiss Of The Fur Queen – Thomson Highway

Galore – Michael Crummey

A Complicated Kindness – Miriam Toews

Soloman Gursky Was Here – Mordecai Richler


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  1. We’ll make sure the list doesn’t have the repeats later–but I’m so thrilled that people are suggesting, so I’m putting them on here as fast as I can. Lots of people love MacLennan, Richler, Roy, and Mitchell…. Awesome.

  2. The list is updated so far. It needs to be edited a bit to make the authors on one side and the titles on the other…. but is close.


  3. Looks like we are at about 75 suggestions… a good list of a year’s worth of reading. BRAVO, YUKON!! and those of you from other parts.

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